How Australia can become a value-adding renewables superpower

There’s a lot we agree with with Alan Finkel’s, from the Financial Review, recently released opinion piece around Australia’s transition from ‘dig and ship’ to an electro-state that refines its critical minerals before export.

Some of our favourite lines that resonate with us include:

“…our resources industry is dig-and-ship. Nearly all our unrefined mineral resources are sent to China, where they are refined for domestic use and to be sold to the rest of the world.”

“…importing countries are determined to minimise their supply chain risk by diversifying their sources of supply” and are “looking for the refining process to be powered by low-emissions energy, such as the abundant solar and wind energy in Australia.”

“…with appropriate policy support and private sector initiative, we could also build electrolyser and battery manufacturing industries.”

The race is on. We need to act strategically, and with urgency and ambition, to get ahead of the game and accelerate investment here. If we do, Australia will be a world-class electro-state, helping to lead the transition from the industrial age to the electric age.”

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