March 26, 2024

Kate B.

Image credit: Australian Vanadium Limited Australian Vanadium Limited (AVL) announced the production of ultra-high purity vanadium pentoxide (V2O5) at greater than 99.9 per cent purity on a pilot scale. This significant milestone, achieved using AVL ore, validates a processing route that can be seamlessly integrated into AVL’s existing flowsheet, the company said in an ASX announcement. The technology employed is well-established and can be readily scaled to meet the growing demand for ultra-high purity vanadium products, particularly in critical sectors such as the chemical and aerospace industries. CEO Graham Arvidson emphasised the strategic importance of AVL’s ability to produce vanadium pentoxide at both 99.9 per cent ultra-high purity and the standard 99.5 per cent purity level. Arvidson stated, “AVL’s ability to produce 99.9% ultra-high purity vanadium pentoxide, in addition to our 99.5% standard high purity vanadium pentoxide, allows us to further strengthen our competitive advantage in specialised markets in which premium products attract a higher value.” Arvidson also acknowledged the collaborative efforts with the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) and the support received from the Australian Government. He highlighted the significance of value-added processing in Australia, aligning with the Federal Government’s Critical Minerals Strategy 2023-2030 and contributing to the nation’s transition to a net-zero future. The achievement of ultra-high purity vanadium pentoxide was made possible in part by a $3.69 million grant from the Australian Government’s Modern Manufacturing Initiative Translation grant under the National Manufacturing Priority Roadmap. AVL collaborated with ANSTO to develop a viable processing route, culminating in the successful operation of the pilot plant. The pilot plant’s feed materials were generated during AVL’s pilot beneficiation, pyrometallurgy, and hydrometallurgy programs conducted as part of the Bankable Feasibility Study (BFS) in 2021. Comprehensive testing and analysis confirmed the ultra-high purity of the vanadium pentoxide product, with the most significant impurity, chromium, reduced to minimal levels.

Australian Vanadium achieves 99.9% ultra-high purity vanadium product