How it started

A nascent Advanced Materials and Battery ecosystem became evident in Queensland in 2021. Battery Tech start-ups and Critical Minerals junior miners, Queensland universities and the Queensland Government sought to collaborate to support plans for fast commercialisations. They formalised their association through the incorporation of the Advanced Materials and Battery Council (AMBC) on 1 July 2022.

Whilst the AMBC originated in Queensland, it seeks to facilitate the advanced materials and battery value chain throughout Australia and beyond. The Council plans to invite members from other states in Australia before the end of 2022.

AMBC Purpose

To support the development of a world scale Australian multi-technology battery and advanced materials industry.  The Council enables industry, government and research participants from across the value chain to share, collaborate, and promote opportunities and policies aligned with the rapid development of a successful industry meeting the needs of a zero-carbon future society. 

AMBC will provide leadership for:

  • The role of advanced materials and batteries in the energy transition to a zero carbon future;
  • Industry collaboration opportunities;
  • Input to regulatory and government policies;
  • Promotion to customers, community and government (nationally and internationally);
  • Workforce and supply chain development requirements;
  • Relevant national and international standards definition;
  • Government, university and industry collaboration opportunities;
  • Commitment to ethical and environmentally friendly mining, manufacturing and application of battery products throughout the full value chain including end-of-life management and recycling;
  • Aligning industry interests and opportunities with indigenous communities and ensuring protection of cultural and natural heritage