The Advanced Materials and Battery Council (AMBC) was formed in July 2022 for the purpose of supporting the multi – technology advanced materials and battery industry in Australia.  The Council enables participants in industry, government and academia from across the value chain to connect, share, collaborate, and promote opportunities and policies aligned with the rapid development of a successful industry meeting the needs of a zero-carbon future society.



The Council operates as a not-for-profit organisation supporting the development of Australia’s advanced materials and battery (AMB) industry, including growing networks between proponents in the mining, processing, refining, manufacturing, integration, installation, recycling and research segments of the AMB value chain for the benefit of the Australian economy, environment and public.

Council will:

    • Provide industry leadership through building networks for collaboration across the  Australian advanced material and battery value chain to support AMB sector development;
    • Facilitate  industry access to research programs and capabilities to create new products, processes, services, regulatory and policy frameworks, and business models;
    • Facilitate stakeholder engagement with the AMB industry in Australia and internationally to increase local understanding of the extent of the capacity already evident in Australia and the potential for growth and contribution to the  international opportunity;
    • Provide input to the development of Australian and international standards in the sector;
    • Provide input to requirements to advance education and workforce development for the industry in Australia;
    • Promote and manage a cooperative approach to research and education in the AMB sector to advance industry-led research and workforce development for the sector in Australia;
    • Provide input on best practice for environmental, societal and governance (ESG) operations; and
    • Encourage the Members and the AMB industry, through their participation in a national collaboration, to achieve as a whole, something that is far greater than that attainable by the sum of its parts.