Calix launches BATMn advanced battery reactor in Bacchus Marsh

Calix Limited, a multi-award-winning Australian technology company, has announced the opening of its BATMn reactor for advanced battery materials by Senator David Van in Bacchus Marsh, Victoria.

BATMn is a $2.7m proprietary electric reactor, based on Calix’s core technology, for producing advanced battery materials, part-funded by the Australian government through the Advanced Manufacturing Growth Fund. BATMn was successfully commissioned on time and under budget in August, 2019.

Calix is also a participant in the Australian Research Council $6.5m StorEnergy industrial innovation training centre (announced August 2018), the EU Horizon 2020 €3.9m Polystorage (Polymers for Next Generation Electrochemical Energy Storage) program (announced August), and theCalix-led $9.4m CRC-P for Advanced Hybrid Batteries (announced August 2019).

We are manufacturing in Australia and can do more!

Recent Federal Government and Queensland Government budget measures to support the Advanced Material and Battery supply chain will make a difference. The opportunity that presents in the clean energy transition is rare and includes home made battery technologies to support a stable and reliable renewable energy grid, a transition that will support new manufacturing industries and a transition where we can build our own secure and resilient battery supply chain.

Can coal mines be tapped for rare earth elements?

A team of geologists analyzed 3,500 samples taken in and around coal mines in Utah and Colorado. Their findings open the possibility that these mines could see a secondary resource stream in the form of rare earth metals used in renewable energy and numerous other high-tech applications.